Colin Corneau, Feb 5 to March 4 2016

Winnipeg/Brandon Photographer: Colin Corneau
Winnipeg/Brandon Photographer: Colin Corneau

Colin Corneau is a newspaper photographer who documents the people and events of southwestern Manitoba. He can be found at or on Twitter/Instagram at: @colincorneau


Photography is ultimately about a sense of community – we make pictures of the world around us to show each other. For myself, the genre of street photography is a way to live my life and make sense of where I am. Nothing is more interesting to me than real life — a coherent, simple image plucked from the chaotic stream of life. Street photography simply shows the everyday moment, unposed.
The tools I choose – mechanical cameras, black and white film and traditional darkroom processes – are a vital part of my work. These tools demand a slower pace and my being mindful — of my surroundings, of the light, and of technique. I also appreciate the tangible, substantive nature of an actual physical object rather than an ephemeral fog of bytes. They become tools in the classic sense of the word.